The Benefits of Mahogany Fruits For Health And Its Side Effects

Mahogany is a hard plant used as a protective crop on the side of the road, in addition, this plant is widely used by the community to be utilized as a building material. The mahogany plant is widely grown because of its relatively fast growing growth compared to teak plants. This plant has very very fruit, though, there are many health benefits. In addition to having many benefits, mahogany fruit also has side effects for health. Benefits and side effects of mahogany for health biji mahoni:

Benefits of Mahogany Fruit For Health

The content and benefits of mahogany according to research conducted by Dr. Larry Brookes an American biochemist in the 1990s is:
Mahogany Fruit Benefits and Side Effects

Flafonoids are beneficial substances for blood circulation, especially to allow blockage of channels, reduce cholesterol and fat accumulation, help reduce pain, bleeding, and bruising, as well as useful antioxidants to see free radicals.
Saponin is a useful substance to prevent pestilence, reduce fat, help boost the immune system, improve sugar levels, strengthen liver function, and slow the blood clotting process.

Mahogany Fruit Benefits and Side Effects
In addition to some substances that are beneficial to health, there are other things that show the fruit of mahogany is beneficial to health, as is done in China, namely as a traditional medicine. Mahogany fruit has the nature of bitter, cold, antipyretic that is efficacious as febrifuge, antifungal, and can lower high blood pressure. In China, the use of fruit or mahogany seeds is done in a dried way first, then finely ground, until it becomes powder.
In addition, it turns out mahogany still has many benefits, overcome is to overcome hypertension, blood sugar disorders, eating breath, fever, and help maintain endurance. How to use it very easy, but because it has a very bitter taste, many people are reluctant. Mahogany fruit can be swallowed or first crushed or mashed into acid and then brewed with hot air.
One thing that is not useful is that the fruit or seeds of mahogany have the ability as astringent (drying), this ability can precipitate the intestinal mucous membrane protein and some layers that protect the intestine, that is blocking, and increasing the frequency, it is very helpful and useful for maintaining health .
Mahogany Fruit Benefits and Side Effects

Side Effects Of Mahogany Fruit For Health
In addition to the benefits, mahogany also has side effects on health, flafonoid content and saponins in mahogany fruit, if used will be used side effects. The amount of flafonoid in certain amount increases the risk of bile, which in turn will remove the stone, in addition it also acts as a steroid. Saponin content, if used and constantly can cause heartburn, but this situation will vary in each person, because their endurance is different too.
To maintain health, fruit or mahogany seed is done only with 1 fruit or seeds per day, by swallowing directly or can be smoothed first and brewed to drink. In some people, this mahogany fruit can display side effects, for it does not need to consume them