Delicious Food Apparently Damaging Brain Health

Whether we are aware or not, we may have consumed dangerous drinks or food every day. It can not be denied, it’s good to make the tongue addicted. In fact, there are many bad effects that lurk the health of the body, including the health of your brain, due to frequent eating the following foods and beverages.

1. Fish containing mercury

Fish is famous for its high protein content, which is certainly good for health. Even so, you still have to be careful in choosing the type of fish that you will consume. Some types of marine fish have a lot of harmful mercury when consumed in large quantities or too often.

Mercury will spread in the body, including to the part of the brain. The toxins caused by mercury can damage the central nervous system and neurotransmitters (the chemistry of nerve cells in the brain).

A research from the Journal of Environmental and Public Health states that exposure to mercury can also be very dangerous in infants and children. Yes, mercury can interfere with brain development and cause damage to components of cells in the brain. If left unchecked, mercury poisoning can lead to cerebral palsy and delay in brain development of children.

These findings are also reinforced by the opinion of researchers from the University of South Florida who found that people with high mercury in their blood have decreased cognitive function by five percent.

High mercury fish include shark, yellow fin tuna, and swordfish. However, this does not mean you have to get rid of seafood from your daily diet. There are many other types of fish with low mercury content such as catfish, anchovies, and salmon.

2. Foods high in trans fat

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Other dangerous foods that you often encounter, namely foods with high trans fat content. Trans fats are usually used by food producers to make a food product durable and easy to use.

Can not be denied, this type of food is very good to eat. For example margarine, packaged snacks, and fried foods such as fried bananas, fries, and chicken nuggets.

However, the risk that you should receive when eating too much dangerous food is evidenced in a study in 2011 that was published at the American Academy of Neurology. The results suggest that foods with high trans fat content can adversely affect the workings of the brain as well as decreased cognitive function of the brain.

It is also reinforced by Ewan McNay, Ph.D. from Albany University. Ewan says that saturated fats, which are not much different from trans fats, can damage the brain’s ability to learn and remember new information, even within 10 minutes of consuming it.

3. Fast food

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Behind the delicious taste and can make people addicted, processed foods or commonly called fast food was contained secret spices of sugar, fat, and salt. It is this salt content that can then make your blood pressure soaring as well as decrease cognitive function.

Reporting from Healthline, a study involving 52 people proved that eating processed food can cause damage to cells in the brain which then decreases your brain function.