How to Mix with Tuberculosis Patients Not to Be Infected

How to Mix with Tuberculosis Patients Not to Be Infected

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It is no longer the time that Tuberculosis (TB) patients should be ostracized, because transmission can be prevented. With some preventive measures, it is no longer necessary to hesitate to associate with tuberculosis patients provided they have undergone treatment.
Under controlled conditions, TB germs will become obat tuberkulosis inactive in the sense that the risk of transmission becomes much smaller or even is not contagious at all. Even so, sometimes the risk of transmission is still possible so it's good to remain cautious.
Some preventive steps that can be done when interacting with TB patients is as follows as quoted from WebMD, Wednesday (14/3/2012).
1. Limit contacts at the beginning of treatment
A person diagnosed with active TB and should undergo treatment will usually be isolated for about 2 weeks. Direct contact should be limited during this period, because the risk of transmission is still high.
2. Vaccinate
Children and people with weak immune conditions are strongly encouraged to vaccinate Bacille Calmette-Guerin (BCG). This recommendation also applies to those who wish to travel to endemic areas where transmission rates are still high.
3. Use a mask
Transmission of TB germs occurs through the breathing, ie when inhaling droplet or sputum that comes out when coughing or sneezing. The use of a mask cover mask will reduce the risk of infection in the early days of treatment.
4. Use appropriate antibiotics if necessary
Some people with weak immunity need antibiotics for prevention. However, because antibiotics are hard drugs, consult with your doctor about the type and rules of life.
5. Check immediately if you start coughing
A cough that does not heal for more than 3 weeks should be suspected as a symptom of TB if a person has been in contact with an active TB patient before. The more quickly detected, the more easily treated and the type of drug is also lighter.
6. Wash your hands
Although the transmission of TB germs occurs through sputum spots that are inhaled into the respiratory tract, it is not impossible that the spots also stick in the hands or surfaces of other objects that are often in contact with the hands. As a precautionary measure, it is advisable to wash hands after contact with TB patients.
7. Eat nutritious food
TB is an infectious disease that is actually very difficult to spread. Infection or transmission only occurs under weak immune conditions, so nutritious food and sun exposure will greatly help prevent transmission.

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